Protect from Brushfires in Florida

Protect From Brush Fires

As Governor Rick Scott declares a state of emergency in response to an overwhelming number of wildfires, the Florida Forest Service offers tips to homeowners on how they can protect their homes.

"With no rainfall in the forecast in the future it's going to get worst," said Scott Peterich, Florida Forest Service Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.

Peterich recommends you clear your gutters and roofs of any leaf litter or pine needles, clear out the debris from your yard and keep vegetation green. There are also less obvious actions that can cause brush fires like using recreational vehicles on dry vegetation or parking your car on the grass.

Peterich said preserves are at a high risk for wildfires. Read entire article here.

Roofs are often the most vulnerable part of a house in a fire, so it goes without saying that cedar shakes are out of the question (a basic wooden shingle made from split logs) even in urban areas. Class A rated roofs are the norm, including many asphalt shingle types, but tile and steel are preferred options. Same goes for siding—a shingle or wood wall offers very poor fire resistance while fiber cement or stucco stands up well. A low or non-flammable underlayment dramatically improves the fire resistance. suggests: 
Contact the Wildfire Mitigation Specialist for your county and find out how you and your neighbors can take action now to protect your community from wildfire.

Jacksonville District
COUNTIES: Clay, Duval, Nassau
Annaleasa Winter, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist
Jacksonville District Office
7247 Big Oaks Rd.
Bryceville, FL 32009-1901
(904) 266-8362
(904) 705-3931 Cell
(904) 266-8353 Fax
Twitter:  @FFS_Jax

Learn more about protecting your entire home, business and property from Florida Forest Fires here. 

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